1. Stonejack Law

From the recording Stonejack Law

Recorded at Sweetheart Studios in Elgin, Texas
Engineered by Jimmy Wildcat
Mastered by Ryan Lee
Jack Fister: Vocals, Guitars
Evan Joyce: Bass
Jordan Buchoz: Pedal Steel
Marshall Hood: Electric Guitar
Jenny Carson: Back Up Vocals
Rockyanne Bullwinkel: Back Up Vocals
Caleb Dawson: Percussion
Jimmy Wildcat: Drums


Stonejack Law
Stonejack bawling kind
Gone chasing good signs
Going to melt eight ladies with nine rhymes
Then love them dearly for life

She’s red dress sharp
And she’s black snake mean
You’d better take your card to heart
Know to make your word clean

I’m not short or shy on steel
I’m about as long as the law’s arm
But she cuts too deep to feel
Law can’t do her any harm